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Physical Rehabilitation & Prevention in Sports Injuries

Whether its ON or OFF the mat, injuries very often tend to occur during sporting events and even during everyday-life activities. Competitive athletes and active individuals in particular, are prone to injuries due to the excessive wear and tear associated with the demands of these activities. The right rehabilitation exercise program to maintain strength, flexibility […]

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Your Ultimate Guide for Better Joint Health

It’s a well known fact that nutrients in certain foods can boost immunity, improve heart health, and promote overall health. However, did you know that nutrition can play a role in bone and joint health as well? Joints serve an important function in the human body. Movement at the joints allows you to bend, reach, […]

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Your Rapid Exercise Recovery Blueprint

Exercise tends to break down muscle fibers while rest allows muscles to recuperate and emerge stronger. The appropriate amount of exercise, followed by recovery leads to an ongoing cycle of improvement over time. Strength and endurance improve, creating a foundation for long-term health. It doesn’t matter if you want to reduce body fat, improve strength, […]

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Exercise Therapy for Spine Fitness

Our spine is subject to constant movement and weight bearing, and as a result can be rather prone to injury and damage. Unfortunately, back pain can be quite a difficult clinical condition to treat, and in most cases extended courses of physical therapy are required. Treatments have changed remarkably over the last few decades, and […]