About This Lesson

No need for a lot of equipment for this 8-Week Total-Body Strength Program. Achieve maximum results with just your own body-weight and these high intensity workouts.

If you’re looking for a way to build more muscle, to lose fat, to feel healthier and better about yourself and to be pumped full of energy our 8-Week Total-Body Strength Program can do all that. These 24 workouts also combine high intensity cardio with strength building moves to help you achieve your goals fast.


Even if you have failed to get into shape with other training programs in the past, body-weight training is the perfect antidote for anyone who has struggled with regular workouts. Whether you tried running, lifting weights or anything else, body-weight training presents an answer that is easier, faster and more effective – and that’s more likely to help you get the results you’re looking for.

In addition, the 8-Week Total-Body Strength Program can be the perfect compliment to your routine and can help you to get even better benefits even more quickly. And it’s a different kind of fitness and strength you’ll enjoy too. You’ll be strong but you’ll also be perfectly proportioned, more full of energy and even more agile.

What To Expect From This Program

  • Weeks 1 through 4 of this 8-week program contains three workouts. They should be performed in sequence, with 1 day of rest in between.
  • Weeks 5 & 7 contain three workouts each. They should also be performed in sequence with 1 day of rest in between.
  • Week 6 & 8 contain four workouts each. Perform the first two workouts one day after the other, then take a day of rest. Then perform the next 2 workouts one day after the other.

Fitness Reinvented

Donny King Fitness Coppell Personal Trainer Online Personal TrainingWith over 1,000 workouts & 7,000+ fitness images & videos to choose from, our Online & Mobile Fitness Programs cover all areas of fitness with workouts for the gym, home, in a hotel and even outside. Finding the right workout is just a few clicks away.

Whatever your fitness need or goal, we have a workout (or list of workouts) for you. With everything from Body-weight fitness to Yoga, Bootcamp to Bodybuilding, Stretching to Stability, Sports Conditioning to 10 Minute Burn, Barbells to Dumbbells, and everything in-between, Donny King Fitness delivers.

Each Workout includes images, videos, audio coaching and text tips explaining how to perform all exercises correctly.

Also included is the recommended intensity indicating the reps, sets, rest, number of circuits, time etc., the equipment required, estimated workout time and estimated calories burned for that workout. Choose a Goal and Location to get started on the workout that’s right for you.

If your current workouts are no longer giving you the results you’re after, check out our Online & Mobile Personal Training Programs for workout programs like this one and more!

Here’s How It All Works

  1. Once you decide which program is for you, click either the Yearly, Semi-Yearly, or the Monthly Plan option.
  2. From there you will be taken to our New Member Sign Up and Info Form. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with a payment link and instructions on how to activate your online & mobile account. Once your payment is received, your account will be live within 12 hours.

  3. To Activate Your Account, you will need to Login using your Mac or PC browser. Go to the Member Login Page. After this, you will be able to Login and use the Fitness App exclusively.Donny KIng Fitness Weight Loss Six PAck Abs Online Personal Training
  4. Next, you will need to go to the App Store and download the FitnessBuilder App by PumpOne.Donny KIng Fitness Weight Loss Six PAck Abs Online Personal Training
  5. From here, we will immediately begin working on creating both your Personalized Fitness and Nutrition & Meal Plan. Your Meal Plan will be delivered via email and your exercise program will be delivered via the FitnessBuilder App within 36 hours

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