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Getting To Your Goal in 5 Steps

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” You want to get into better shape, to drop the fat and to increase your tone and strength. 

Join the club…most people are actively working toward an elusive fitness goal. So what separates those who end up achieving their goals […]


Why Low Carb Is Not A Fad Diet But A Lifestyle

Low carb is not a “fad,” but rather a lifestyle change. You’ve undoubtedly heard of the low carb diet, or even tried it at one point in your life. Maybe you had some degrees of success, but found any “fad” diet too hard to maintain, typically, this is what happens with most people who choose […]

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4 Body Changes From Eating Low Carb

It’s no secret that refined and processed carbs contribute to weight gain, and so reducing the amount of these in your diet would logically lead to a leaner, fitter you. Have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen to your body if you stopped eating refined carbs? It’s no secret that refined and processed […]


4 Worst Breakfast Items

Don’t get caught eating one of these 4 things for breakfast: Breakfast pastry: muffins, doughnuts, bear claws and croissants sure taste good with coffee, but all those refined carbs are going to cause unwanted weight gain. Granola Bars: watch out for the breakfast bars that claim to give you fiber, vitamins and minerals. Check the […]