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Featured Workout: Barbell Strength Workout

Whether you are a Jiu Jitsu Athlete, or simply looking to improve your functional strength – your main concern is improving strength and power in exercises and movements that translate to improved sport performance and overall physical fitness – not isolating individual muscle groups. Try this barbell-only, multi-joint workout next time you’re in the gym […]

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Physical Rehabilitation & Prevention in Sports Injuries

Whether its ON or OFF the mat, injuries very often tend to occur during sporting events and even during everyday-life activities. Competitive athletes and active individuals in particular, are prone to injuries due to the excessive wear and tear associated with the demands of these activities. The right rehabilitation exercise program to maintain strength, flexibility […]

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Your Online & Mobile Personal Training Solution

Nowadays, we all lead busier and more active lives than ever before. Our time is valuable and there usually is not much of it to spare. This time crunch has lead the resourceful and motivated all of us to turn to less traditional means for accomplishing everything on our plate. Personal fitness is usually around […]

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5 Diet Secrets for Flat Abs

As much as I love exercise (and you know I do!) exercise alone will not get you a toned stomach. Your diet is a huge part of the equation. Someone could workout all day long, but then eat in a way that promotes major fat storage, and they wouldn’t have a toned, beach-ready tummy. While […]