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Featured Workout: Barbell Strength Workout

Whether you are a Jiu Jitsu Athlete, or simply looking to improve your functional strength – your main concern is improving strength and power in exercises and movements that translate to improved sport performance and overall physical fitness – not isolating individual muscle groups. Try this barbell-only, multi-joint workout next time you’re in the gym […]


4 Ways To Burn More Fat

When Your Results Stop, It’s Time To Try Something New! There is nothing quite as frustrating as seeing your results fizzle out. This is a common place to end up, usually after a few months on the same exercise routine. In the beginning your body responds to your routine with lost pounds and gained muscle […]


Nothing Works Better Than Just Getting Better

Just because something works doesn’t mean that it cannot be improved upon I had fun putting this together from some of my 2019 matches. For the last couple of months now, Professor @francismay01 and I have been refining, and even changing certain aspects of my BJJ. I can’t wait to start adding it all back […]

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Physical Rehabilitation & Prevention in Sports Injuries

Whether its ON or OFF the mat, injuries very often tend to occur during sporting events and even during everyday-life activities. Competitive athletes and active individuals in particular, are prone to injuries due to the excessive wear and tear associated with the demands of these activities. The right rehabilitation exercise program to maintain strength, flexibility […]